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Courage is an essential part of having a growth mindset whereas Common Sense can hold us captive.

When young we are told to use our Common Sense and as we mature we build up our Courage as we take on more independent challenges and then comes a point where we have to take on risk, which takes Courage.

If we take calculated risks this uses both our Common Sense and our Courage whereas those who are bold and want to test their courage, often override their common sense. 

This is where Courage is the ability to face our fears, do something difficult where there is risk involved and try something different, intimidating, or even frightening.

Courage was once reserved for service personnel and activists where Common Sense was in the hands of the leaders and the followers had to shut off their Common Sense and find their Inner Strength but now Courage is needed on a daily basis from children to adult; from student to teacher as we put ourselves much more in the public eye.

e.g. using social media we have to find the Courage and take the risk that there may be a backlash on what we say, whereas if we use our Common Sense and don’t risk the backlash, we hide behind the scenes – how do we grow from this space? 

Courageous people risk saying and doing what they think is right despite the possible opposition.

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