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The Instant Alignment Method is a unique and original process that I’ve developed over many years.  I’m sharing it now because it has reached the point where its effects are instant and permanent – it’s time.

The Instant Alignment Method gives you the power to free yourself from whatever it is, known or not, that is keeping you stuck; troubling you; giving you anxiety or discomfort; forcing you to make rash decisions that you regret later; from that disquiet you feel; from that dissatisfaction that you don’t understand or want; and so much more.

Instant Alignment Method takes your troubles and shows them the door!

Quantum Physics shows us how to neutralise any and all energy frequency.

Let me give you a ‘real world’ example:

Imagine you’re on an airplane. Close your eyes. What do you hear?

People talking; babies crying; the cabin crew over the internal tannoy system; the clatter of cutlery; the bong bong of an announcement – LOTS of noise

Now we’re going to put some sound cancelling headphones on.

What do you hear now?  Silence… exactly.

When you lift your headphones, the noise is still there, but when they’re on your ears there is only silence.

How is this even possible?  Well, it’s simple science!

The sounds coming into the headphones are resonating at a particular frequency and the technology within the headphones is emitting another frequency back that basically neutralises the sound coming in, so that you hear nothing but your own voice in your head.

Using this information as my foundation, I developed The Instant Alignment Method as a tool that can be used, like ‘noise cancelling headphones’ within ourselves.

You have a conscious and a sub-conscious. The sub-conscious does 95% of our living for us automatically and the 5% conscious side does the rest i.e. you are breathing quite automatically now, not thinking about it.

But when I ask you to take a breath, you are using part of your 5% conscious side to complete that activity.

Albert Einstein commented that we create our resistance unconsciously; store this in our sub-conscious and the ONLY way to remove this resistance is consciously.

When it comes to creating the life you really want, most of the time you are trying to do it with the 5% conscious side of your brain… but the 95% subconscious side can often sabotage your efforts.

The Instant Alignment Method will allow you to hone in on your TRUE resistance and remove it instantly so you can achieve your TRUE desires!

Together we will tap into your sub-conscious, find our where your true resistance and hurdles are hidden and release them gently. If you have a memory of an event, which may be that pseudo resistance, you will still have your memory however the emotional ties associated with that event will be neutralised when needed.

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