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Abraham Hicks said “Anytime you feel good … you’ve found vibrational alignment with who you are.” 

I wouldn’t disagree with this however it isn’t as simple as that. You can’t feel good all the time, can you? This is unsustainable at best and unattainable at worst.

When we hold onto a grudge; feel anger; are afraid; go into a depression or harbour sadness, we go out of alignment, we lower our vibrational frequency, we create a gap between our dreams and our habits.
We need to create a balance between our dreams and our habits.
We need to raise our consciousness so that we can live in a peaceful world, a world without war, disease and famine. Television and the Media are quick to show us the various ‘nasties’ in the world, leaving us full of disappointment and despair over how fragmented the world has become. We can change the doom and gloom – by raising our consciousness, changing our focus and coming into alignment.
What does raising your consciousness mean?
Raising your consciousness is about becoming freer, losing the negativity and heaviness within you by letting go of negative thoughts and negative thought patterns and being HAPPY with who you are. Raising consciousness is the simple act of lightening up, of becoming more aware of who you are and your purpose right now.
What dreams do you have?
Do you dream of how your life could be? Of course you do, everyone dreams and our dreams are thoughts and our thoughts can become our reality. The Universe conspires to work with you on your dreams and bring into your path the tools to bring those thoughts into fruition.
What habits do you have?
Do you take the dog for a walk everyday? Do you say a daily affirmation? Do you meditate, write in a journal, do mirror work, practice yoga?
When we close the gap between our dreams and our habits, alignment is closer. To fulfil our dreams, to truly live that life that is expansive and gorgeous and satisfying to us, we have to realise that our daily habits/routines/rituals and those dreams/your truth/your alignment must be balanced, they must match up.
How does this imbalance or misalignment show up
It isn’t necessarily obvious, it can be a feeling of discontentment or heaviness or where an invisible hand is trying to steer you in a different direction. Naturally it can be very obvious where you instinctively know that you need to change something to get to your destination; or maybe you are repeatedly ill.
You can’t be aligned if you have underlying ties/obstacles/hurdles.
If you feel in any way out of sorts, especially when you can’t quite put your finger on why, then you are out of alignment, you are holding onto an emotional obstacle that you have created in your past, and probably brushed under the carpet, not having the time or the inclination to deal with it then.
It is still with you. It could be the very reason that you don’t get noticed at work, promotion evades you; why you aren’t as productive as you would like, procrastination is your middle name; why love passes you by, relationships are ridiculously difficult; fears and phobias haunt you; whatever your reason this can be resolved with the Instant Alignment Method.
Normally you hear that you have to go to see a therapist for hours, months, even years to see a result – I am the opposite because I work with you, you take ownership of the issues, it is an instant release; in one session you will feel freer, lighter, have more clarity and direction and feel calmer, less distracted and more productive.
This in turn raises your consciousness and will bring you into balance with your dreams and habits. Total alignment and because it is not a secret, it is a tool that I teach you, you can practice it as one of these habits/rituals and keep the balance and take back your control of your life.

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