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Let me start by saying that in this world, anything is possible when you put your MIND to it!

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy, we cannot avoid interacting with energy on a daily basis – whether that interaction is positive or negative. The positive energies leave us feeling happy, awake and light; the negative however leave us feeling tired, drained and weighed down.
How negative energy affects us
Negative energy gets tied up within us and we end up storing negative energy which in turn attracts more negative energy; we can store this in our bio-energetic field around us, or within our organs within us. Store it within you for any length of time and it can cause physical symptoms, anything from headaches to heart attacks; and it can also attack our immune system leaving us susceptible to illness.
The part we play
When dealing with energy, it is important to remember that not only is it around us but we create it too. Our thoughts, words, feelings all play their part, so keep them positive and upbeat; like energy will attract like energy! (The Law of Attraction)
How to minimise and prevent those effects
We cannot avoid negative energy altogether but we can learn to minimise it by following these guidelines:
  • Take ownership of your life and actions. Stop blaming other people and outside factors for how your life currently is. Make changes today that will steer it in a better direction for tomorrow.
  • Watch your emotions. Negative energy is caused by heavy-based feelings such as anger, stress, jealousy, resentment, worry, grief and sadness.
  • Switch your thought process. Pay attention to your thoughts. When you have negative thoughts, immediately switch them for lighter, more positive ones.
  • Regularly listen to your body. Take time to regularly tune into your body and notice where you have aches and pains. What situations or emotions are you linking them to?
  • Forgiveness. Learn to let go and forgive past mistakes – both yours and those of others.
Something surprising now PLACEBO.
We understand how the placebo comes into play when we kiss our little child’s knee better; a sugar coated tablet instead of the drug; sedating someone and taking them into surgery for a knee operation, making the incisions and sewing back up again and all is well.
This brings me full circle – anything is possible when you put your MIND to it.
Laughter Yoga works by people being silly and forcing laughter, which often falls into genuine laughter and the medical research on this is astounding that by pretending to laugh, fools the body and mind into believing you are HAPPY.
You can change your MIND.

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